Best Apps To Have As A Business Owner

Ever wondered the best apps to download as a small business owner? Look no further! I have a list that will help you gain not only exposure, but stay organized in the process!


1. PicsArt- Photo & Video

2. PicMonkey- Photos

3. Canva- Photos

4. Mojo- Videos


1. Planoly- Content planning, comes with an amazing color coded calendar, and had auto-post! I would only recommend the auto post if you don’t have any products to tag and don’t post carousel posts since this app does not offer those features.

2. Trello- An amazing app for brands with big (and small) teams. Keep everybody in the loop on restocks, meetings, events, and more.

3. Simple Spreadsheet- The name speaks for itself! It’s the most simple spreadsheet you will ever use and it’s convenient for us small businesses who need to keep track of money going in and out.


Social Media:

1. Instagram- This app speaks for itself; I like to see it as a hot spot for businesses of all sizes. This is one of the best platforms to fully promote your brand on. You can run ads, connect your e-commerce platform for product tagging, network, collaborate with other influencers/brands, and so much more!

2. TikTok- GREAT for sales and exposure! Stay consistent with this platform, get one viral TikTok, and you’ll see your sales sky rocket. You must stay CONSISTENT on this app though!

3. Twitter- Tweets make good content for your other platforms! Twitter isn’t much of a “selling” platform so much as a place for exposure. It’s best to host giveaways, general brand promotion, and sending updates through Twitter.

4. Facebook- Great for exposure overall. Learn how to run a Facebook ad and you’ll see a jump in your insights!

5. Pinterest- Probably the easiest and most straight forward platform to use. It’s extremely underrated, but you’ll definitely gain some exposure and sales through Pinterest if you stay consistent with it! I’d recommend setting up a business account and linking it to your website platform so you get the blue ‘Verified Seller’ icon by your name. 

Hopefully you have found your perfect combination of apps to help your business expand and grow! Leave a comment telling other Teen Bosses what apps you use!