Kamyia Wilson, Owner of The Bratz House

Kamyia Wilson is an 18 year old teen entrepreneur. She started her brand at the age of 17 and absolutely loved what she does! We asked this Teen Boss what it was like running a small business and here’s what she had to say: “For me, running a small business as a teen is amazing. You get to interact people with people from all around the globe! It often has its trials and errors but knowing I am building an empire for myself is ultimately what keeps me going.”

 Like many business owners, it’s difficult to find a balance. Wilson knows better than anyone that there must be a balance and it can get overwhelming sometimes as she balances her regular 9-5 job, sports, a business, and school.

You could say that Wilson got her work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit from her mother who she’s watch build her brand for six years. Kamyia’s business was always meant to be her full time job and got a 9-5 for extra income. With her brand, The Bratz House,Wilson plans on expanding her business and expanding her knowledge next year in college. 

Now...let’s get into the interesting about WHY she started her business! Kamyia says “I started my brand during the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak. I was struggling mentally and thought starting a business would be a productive way to get me back on track. Especially because so many people were losing their jobs.” 

What could you take away from Kamyia’s story? She wants all new entrepreneurs to understand that consistency is key. There will be hard times along the way but you need to be motivated a hungry enough to continue learning and expanding your knowledge. 

To wrap this inspiring story up, you can do absolutely anything you out your mind to. It’s time to turn your dreams into reality and “I wish” into “I will.” Don’t forget that you’re important and you got this!!


Kamyia & Jas

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