Overcoming Instagram’s New Algorithm

It’s certainly no secret that Instagram reach, follows & engagement has gone WAY down! Let me tell you why and how to fix this...

⭐️1.Instagram is trying to get more views on their EXPLORE PAGE! They’re making it more and more difficult for people to see your page if they’re not constantly active. AKA commenting 3+ words AND saving your posts.

⭐️2.How you can be seen ON instagram: Learn how to use reels! A lot of attention now goes to reels on the explore page. Another way is IGTV’s which are slightly less popular than reels but still get more views and have a longer shelf life than your regular Instagram post!

⭐️3.Follow count: it’s no secret that everyone follow count has gone WAY down. I believe Instagram is removing ghost followers (again) and you’re certainly not alone in this.

⭐️Product Tagging for businesses 

My theory as to why they’re doing this: It gets people to spend more time on the app and work hard to gain followers. Doesn’t make sense? Let’s explain it a little deeper. Instagram thrives on ads from small and large companies and the longer Instagram users stay on Instagram, the more add they see, and the more likely they are to purchase. They also want you to stay on the app longer to get even more active on your page as an attempt to attract new followers to increase your insights. 

Tired of Instagram and their algorithms? Use other platforms to reach your target audience! Platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are great tools to use to market yourself and your brand. Oh! I almost forgot your email marketing list (newsletter subscribers). Newsletters are one of the best ways to reach your customers; all promotions, exclusives, and updates are sent straight to their inbox! 

Now that you’ve learned some new tools you can use to overcome the Instagram algorithm, it’s time to apply it! Remember to keep a good posting schedule!