Relatable Entrepreneur Statements

"Don't you just hate when customers dm you without any sort of greeting?" -Kamyia Wilson, @_TheBratzHouse

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"When you cram yourself with your own personal deadlines and instead of doing one at a time by taking it easy, you go to sleep for 8 hours" -Victoria Smalls, @_goldenhourbeauty

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"Don't you just hate when you have those slow days! You keep doubting your entrepreneurial skills!'s okay! We all go through it haha!" -Liza Milevskaya, @LizaCosmeticsLine

"It's holiday time...I ain't never seen two nice customers, always one of em' gotta be disrespectful" -Jasmine Ferguson, @JazzedUpNailzz

"Can we just take a moment for the small business owners working 9-5 jobs while building their brands. We see you and we Stan!" -Naeemah Gibbs, @NaeemahsNaturalEssentials

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 "Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur but not everyone wants to put in the time and effort. Starting your now business means. You're the manager, employee, and accountant in one" -Sharon Itakpe, @ShaleurCosmetics

“Thinking you finally ordered enough of something but then going to make a product or package an order and realizing you ran out” -Raider Eldridge, @PrideLips

“As humans we naturally always want things really fast but an as ENTREPRENEUR patience is a trait we definitely need to develop. We all know success comes with many mistakes and it doesn’t happen overnight so let’s just take the time to embrace our journey and struggles and realize that with consistency and patience growth WILL happen” -Aida Ozuna, @ShopAJLXCollections

 “I AM NOT A USPS WORKER” -Khali Murphy, @ShopSheAte

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“I’d say If you’re not taking care of your customer, your competitor(s) will.” -Yexenia Nuñez, @PurytBeauty

”Business isn’t always going to be good. It gets hard and stressful at times, but in the long run it’ll all be worth it.” -Niyah Nicole @_EsméBeauty

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“$5? For a gloss no ma’am” *proceeds to by $20 lipgloss at fenty. People don’t understand that small business owners take their time to make products and package them. Time is money.” -Aaliyah Arnold, @BossUpCosmeticss

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”What I think other entrepreneurs can relate to is “Consistency “ I feel that when you are really passionate about your business/brand consistency is a big part of your growth. It can’t be a once in the blue moon thing it has to be a everyday - 24/7 thing when running a business.” -Dallas Rose, @DallasRoseCollection


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