What It’s Like Living In Your Office

As a teen entrepreneur, I know that many people can relate to this issue: living in your work space. There's not enough space for you, there's never enough space for your brand so how do we decide which one takes over the majority of your space? The personal space that brings you peace an allows time to calm your mind or the business space that allows you to grow your brand and chase the bag?

Of course, we almost always choose our goals over our need for personal space but nobody seems to talk about how this affects us. It affects our sleep patterns, work schedules, and sometimes how well we focus in or out of school. Let's cut to the chase...sleeping in your business environment is unhealthy! Not everyone understands this unless they are living in it. Your mind is constantly on go and never slows down even when it's time to sleep, you have no space to decompress. 

For me personally, I need to have space of my own, however, the only way to get that is to throw out all of my business supplies and storage and call it quits (which is not an option). I have gotten rid of a lot of things that I own to make space for my business in my room and am at the point where I can't get rid of much else that doesn't hold much value to me. I've gotten rid of clothes, furniture, moved my room around to better fit my lifestyle but still...have no space for me.

I'm constantly on go, go, go when I should be resting at 3AM and not always working. For us teens with growing businesses, we don't always have access to larger spaces such as living rooms, home offices, basements, attics, and garages so we need to make what we have work. It's extremely frustrating to never have a clean space because your space is always cluttered with business supplies even if you keep it well organized.

One question to my fellow Teen Bosses, where do you do keep your business supplies/ where is your office located?