Who’s The Owner Of Liza Cosmetics Line?

*Trigger Warning: Suicide*

If you guessed Liza, you guessed right! Her full name is Elizaveta Andreevna Milevskaya. She is a 17 year old entrepreneur who began her

journey at the age of 16 around May of 2019. Her brand consists of skin and body care products so everyone can feel beautiful and radiate confidence through their skin. Liza doesn't own your average natural skin care brand, she works day and night on her packaging, finding the best ingredients, and uses non-comedogenic oils (in other words, NO CLOGGED PORES! I'm sold!!). 

She started her business because she had a true passion for natural and organic brands. Liza has very sensitive skin and many store bought brands were causing break outs on her skin. She then switched to more natural and organic products, however, the high price point of organic skin care was very expensive. Since she was tired of paying high prices for organic skin care, she wanted to create an affordable skin care brand that would work for all skin types.

Liza started Liza Cosmetics Line because she needed to get her mind off of her anxiety and depression. She dealt with depression for a long time and had a suicide attempt at 15. She felt that there was nothing to look forward to in life, was severely bullied, and it got to the point where she no longer cared about her life. When she started her brand, she found the hope and happiness that was absent in her life. She looked forward to creating new products, new sales, happy customers, and long term goals! Liza Cosmetics Line saved her life and because her brand is so meaningful to her and close to her heart, she will be getting a tattoo with her brand name very soon!

Where'd her start up money come from, you might ask? Milevskaya started by working at McDonalds, Macy's, and Justice as start up funds for her brand even though she didn't enjoy working 9-5 and having another boss to report to. 

A brand that truly inspired Liza was Lush. She says "They are organic in every way and it makes me feel super safe and comfortable when I walk by their store which is definitely the vibe I wasn't to give off to my customers."

(In the photo above is my skin after just two weeks of using her products. I have tried every product under the sun and nothing works but her skin care products! You can see some of my dark marks faded, acne is clearing, and my skin is less red and inflamed.)

One question everyone is interested in is: What's it like running a business at such a young age? "It's very hard running a business at such a young age. People don't believe in your vision and push you to go to a college where you believe is just going to wash away all your dreams and ambitions to work for someone else," Liza said. Clearly, this Teen Boss is very ambitious and has her heart set on what she wants. 

Entrepreneurship is NOT. a straight path. there will be ups, down, brand changes, and so many more changes to come. You change and evolve as you grow and that is okay. Liza was 15 when she started her first business which was a custom necklace business, which as she describes it, fell "face first."  She got two real sales and everyone else scammed her. That didn't stop her from pursuing what she wanted in life and she continued to work hard every single day. Those two sales kept her going which is when she opened her next business selling lipgloss and lashes which played a big role in funding Liza Cosmetics Line

Her brand was always meant to be her full time job. She always had that bright entrepreneurial mindset and wanted to be her own boss, write her own checks, and feel good about herself. It wasn't always easy getting to where she is now and like many others, she faces lots of struggles within her brand such as customers, inventory, quality control, and completely forgetting life while still having to manage school and studying. Because of her lifestyle, this has made her very cautious as to who she lets into her life. 

Of course, aside from he struggles, us entrepreneurs are constantly learning and expending our knowledge! She plans on leveling up her brand by running more Facebook ads, opening up her store in two years, and partnering with many large influencers!

To her young Teen Bosses, Liza wants everyone to know that "You are doing great despite what anyone says! Don't listen to whatever the hater has to say about how you are making YOUR money! You're the boss and now that you started this business, it is a stepping stone to your own success story. Kisses, Liza loves you!"

We sincerely hope that you found this story inspiring and learned that no matter what point you're in in your life, you can pull through it. YOU can chase your dreams. YOU can follow the path you want for yourself. You will absolutely be successful if you want it bad enough. Dig deep inside of yourself and find that drive to live the most fulfilling life possible.


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