The burning question, "should I quit?"

Many entrepreneurs struggle with motivation and often think about quitting. I can say even the best entrepreneurs have thought about this many times throughout their early stage before success (myself included). In fact, I did actually quit once about 2 months or so after my first launch. I had high expectations for myself, however, they were unrealistic at that point in time. 

Before opening up my store the first time, I was selling my clothes on Poshmark which is how I got the funds I needed to start my business at such a young age. Since I was selling on Poshmark and getting a pretty decent amount of sales, I guess I had that same expectation when I first launched my own brand, JazzedUpCosmetics. 

Even now I ask myself "Should I take a break?" or "Should I cut down on stock?" because I am a home based business and no longer have enough space for my inventory. This severely hinders my ability to grow my brand at the rate I want, slows down processing times even though I organize to the best of my abilities, and not to mention my room is in fact, my office. Living in your work space is not healthy (physically or mentally) especially since lately I can't remember the last time my sinuses didn't bother me from the time I wake up til the time I wake up and I don't get that "homey safe space" to yourself. It's literally me and nearly 4,000-5,000 other people in my room.

I wish I at least had an office whether that be in the house, in a garage, or a shed, I'd honestly take anything at this point. 

This brings me back to the burning question...should I quit? 

Obviously, the answer is no. quitting won't get me where I want but sometimes I wonder why I didn't pick a business that's strictly digital instead of a product based business but then I realize it's because digital work is not what I'm passionate about and it never will be. I will continue to work my tight space with a growing business until I get a place of my own and it will keep my room from being my safe space, but I feel that it will all be worth it in the end. I don't write this for sympathy but to let other entrepreneurs know that it will all be worth it some day no matter the circumstances now. Work with what you've got and I promise it will soon pay off.

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  • Victoria

    Girl I feel you !! This been me sooo many times in the last few months even thought about quitting but remember it wouldn’t change anything and hear I am. 😅 Everyday is a struggle but the push for more and praying helps ♥️

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