About us

Hello everyone! Welcome to site. I am a 17 year old CEO and my name is Jasmine. You may ask yourself, "How did you end up with the name JazzedUpCosmetics?" Well, you're not the only one wondering. When I was in seventh grade I began to sell press-on nails and a few people who've been with me since then know that my old name was JazzedupNailz. I soon grew out of selling nails around the beginning of my freshman year old high school, so I thought for a while and needed to find another business that I was highly interested in. I thought about selling cosmetics since I was young and began doing some research. My first name or this brand was "Sparkle Klub," but that business name was childish and I wasn't feeling it. My first attempt at an online business went okay, but I decided I needed to rebrand and it took about a month to do so. I eventually thought about my old nail business and derived this name from my old name, JazzedUpNailz! Since I have rebranded, this brand has been far more successful and I am blessed to be able to run this black owned business! All orders are highly valued because you are supporting a dream coming true!