COVID-19 updates

We are still shipping and operating during this time! Please be patient with us during this time. Processing still remains the same (1-14 business days), however, shipping will be delayed due to delays in our shipping carrier

Due to covid-19 and busy holidays USPS is experiencing severe delays, packages have a higher probability of arriving late or getting lost. Due to these unfortunate possibilities, we will ONLY be offering priority shipping to lessen the chances of this happening. We usually process non nail orders within 1-4 days around the holidays, however, current shipping times are 2 days to 6 weeks due to the overwhelming amount of packages USPS has been receiving as well as a poor management and communication system. Please note that in 2021 we will not longer be using USPS as our carrier due to the reasons listed above. 


In addition to this, if you are an international customer, please check out this list to see if we are still shipping to your country during this time 


What measures are we taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

All orders are packaged in a sanitary space and each and every product sanitized and wiped down at least 2-3 times before being packaged and shipped. Every person packaging your items does so with clean hands. All hands are washed in warm-hot water for 30 seconds, sanitized with alcohol, and covered with a fresh set of gloves for a no-contact product!

As always, we of course recommend that you spray or wipe down any/all packages before and after opening them to stay safe and take extra precautions.