How to apply press-on nails!

 Thank you for shopping with JazzedUpCosmetics! Here are some directions to make your nails last as long as three weeks below, please follow them exactly to get the best results!


- Wash your hands with soap and water. Be sure to scrub your nail bed as well as under the natural nail if you can so do.

- Clear the nails of any excess oil with acetone and/or alcohol.

- Use the nail buffer provided to buff the surface of your nails to create some texture for the nail to adhere to.

- Blow or brush the excess dust off your nails and apply a drop of glue to your nail bed.

- Grab your press or nail and firmly press it onto your natural nail. Be sure to press the sides and the cuticle area to avoid air bubbles and lifting.

- Blow your nail to assure that the glue is dry and enjoy your nails!

Please send us any customer photos or videos you may have and be sure they are high-quality so we can post and tag you!

In case a nail falls off…

Buff the surface of your natural nail, apply glue, and pop it back on! 

P.S.: Nails with gems on them will likely have gems fall off the longer they have been worn.