How to order customs

Have a vision you want to bring to life? Let’s make it happen!

Step by step:

1. Have a concept, idea, color, anything in mind. Do you like charms? No charms? Absolutely no preference as long as it matches your theme? Note anything of significance to you for your nails. Any information to create this set is welcome!

2. DM us on Instagram (@JazzedUpNailzz or @JazzedUpCosmeticss) with your idea along with your specifications such as nail length & shape.

3. Take photos of your nails using the coin method (photos provided below). When taking photos please only use a quarter and ensure that the camera is directly over your nails next to the quarter for proper sizing. 

4. A payment invoice will be sent to the email your provide to us and your nails will be ready for shipment or pickup within the processing time. 

Please feel free to DM us on Instagram, email at, or leave a comment on TikTok for additional help!

Top photo: 4 fingers, nail plate of each nail is visible, quarter is fully visible and measurable.

Bottom photo: Only shows the thumb, entire nail plate is visible, quarter is fully visible and measurable.