Due to the current pandemic and delays in our shipping carriers (USPS), it is advised to purchase PRIORITY mail. The U.S. government has been delaying packages creating extended shipment times for our customers. Packages can sit in the post office with no movement for up to 6 weeks or easily get lost during these times. 

Due to covid-19 and busy holiday USPS delays, packages have a higher probability of arriving late or getting lost. Due to these unfortunate possibilities, we will ONLY be offering priority shipping to lessen the chances of this happening. We usually process non nail orders within 1-4 days around the holidays, however, current shipping times are 2 days to 6 weeks due to the overwhelming amount of packages USPS has been receiving as well as a poor management and communication system. Please note that in 2021 we will not longer be using USPS as our carrier due to the reasons listed above. 

To keep it fair to us, refunds will not be offered until after January 11th, 2021.

JazzedUpCosmetics is NOT liable for any delayed, lost, or stolen packages. When ordering, please consider everything stated above.