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Looking to start your brand but don’t know where to start, what goes into it, and how to make your socials look presentable? To a fellow boss reading this, I got you!

In this brand starter package, you will receive the following:

⚡️Fresh new logo that suits YOU!

⚡️A maximized bio + title

⚡️Color pallet(s) for your brand 

⚡️Story templates 

⚡️Highlight covers 

You will have full creative control over how you want your brand to look, I am here to help from a professional stand point to reel in potential customers and make your page aesthetically pleasing!

Customer Reviews

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AMAZING communication!!

I purchased this to get a jump start on my branding and let me tell you...her communication is stunning. She listens to what you want and executes just that and nothing less. I really like the colors she came up with for my brand and I definitely recommend this service to others who are starting out or are looking to simply refresh their page to attract more people. It all starts with the aesthetics and she definitely knows what she’s doing. For only $30 this surely saved me months of finding the right look for my brand. Thank you for helping me!🥺